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Dec 24, 2014

In this contentous issue of The Comic Book Show we discuss many things! Among them are the Southern Bastards Holiday Giveaway, Spider-Woman's costume change, Batgirl controversy, and much, much more!

Dec 3, 2014

In this lustful edition of The Comic Book Show Aaron has 3 beers and yells for an hour and a half, but also we talk about things. We do trivia, talk about Suicide Squad casting, Constantine's TV woes, the Star Wars trailer, and much, much more! 

Nov 21, 2014

In this finely tuned issue of The Comic Book Show Nick Nolte doesn't actually show up but we do talk about the current state of sitcoms, Warlords of Draenor, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, Marvel Solicitations, Spider-Vervse, our picks of the week, and much, much more!


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Nov 5, 2014

In this extemporaneous issue of The Comic Book Show we fail at making fun new games, announce our anniversary giveaway winners, talk about the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, lotsa Marvel teasers, Marvel & DC movies until 2020, and much, much more!

Oct 16, 2014

In this boistrous issue of The Comic Book Show we talk about Secret Wars, a Civil War movie, Season 5 of The Walking Dead, your emails, and much, much, more!